Membership Services
Versed in all aspects of the industry, the association staff can assist you in responding to technical questions, help you deal with local and state government units, or act as a referral service for insurance, legal counsel or related services.

Marketing and Public Relations
SSAM keeps consumers, government officials, trade publications and media sources throughout the state informed by releasing a steady flow of information about the vital contributions the self-storage industry makes to Michigan's economy.

Insurance Benefits
SSAM has partnered with OneAmerica to offer quality group life. short-term disability, and/or long-term disability to our members at a discounted rate. To learn more about this benefit, click here .

Meeting Space Available

Looking for a great location in the Lansing area to hold a company meeting, sales training session or educational seminar? Look no further!

The Association Conference Center is your answer. Available exclusively to MMHA, MARVAC and SSAM members, the conference center is a full-service facility.

For availability and rental information, please contact Darren Ing at 517.349.3300 or e-mail
Click for more information.

National Affiliation
SSAM is an affiliate of the national Self-Storage Association (SSA). As a member of SSAM, you are entitled to several national benefits, including an annual subscription to the SSA Globe magazine, e-mail newsletters and discounts.

Communication and Education
One of the most important features of SSAM is its ability to communicate information to its members quickly through e-newsletters, faxes and seminars. SSAM keeps each member informed about legislation, changes in government regulations, and current trends in the industry.

Effective Legislative Action
Under the guidelines established by the SSAM board of directors, the association staff works with legal and legislative counsels to monitor the progress of legislation that affects the self-storage industry and contributes input to assure that our viewpoints are represented, understood and protected. Members are kept informed about the progress of legislation that could affect their business.

Government Relations
SSAM's role in government affairs does not end with its influence in the legislature. The association recognizes the importance of understanding and dealing with the myriad of agencies and departments that create and implement our laws. For that reason, the association functions as a liaison between you (as a business) and the bureaucracy that regulates our industry.                                     

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